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Discounted professional tech talent solutions from VTTA and ScaleTech

The Vermont Technology Alliance has partnered with tech talent solution firm ScaleTech to offer discounted talent solution services for its members. The partnership will help address one of the biggest challenges for tech businesses in Vermont: finding the key staff they need to sustain and grow their businesses.

ScaleTech’s specialty is the recruitment and staffing of software engineers, typically in the JavaScript, Java and Python space, which are some of the most in-demand skills in the US. ScaleTech focuses on developing a working partnership with businesses between 5 to 200 employees, which reflects the typical size of most Vermont tech businesses.

Through the partnership, ScaleTech will provide VTTA members with a minimum discount of 17.5% off the standard recruitment fees, and potentially more, depending on the talent project.

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About ScaleTech



ScaleTech is a community-driven, boutique talent solutions provider that is supporting start-ups and growing small and medium-size businesses in Massachusetts and now, through this partnership, Vermont. The goal is to simplify growth by offering a suite of recruiting solutions designed to help tech business access the talent they need to thrive and scale, while also reducing recruitment costs.

Soft Approach:  ScaleTech is not a ‘hard sell’ recruitment company. It always begins with a no-obligation discovery call. It’s a simple, friendly chat to learn about each other, discuss hiring plans, and anything that is important to the business and the team when hiring engineers for their teams.

Key Offerings:
The services offered through the ScaleTech/VTTA partnership include:

Full-time hires
ScaleTech works with companies to identify and secure engineers to join the business on a full-time basis, using a systematic approach to explore both the active and passive markets to secure the best talent available.

This offering helps companies scale their technology teams with multiple, high-caliber IT professionals in a short period of time, at a reasonable price. This is a cost-effective offering that often reduces the cost per hire by $30,000 in comparison to a traditional “full-time” recruitment model. It also provides companies with greater flexibility and a trial period before offering a role full-time.

Fixed Term Contract: This offering is project-focused or for when a deadline is looming that need extra resources quickly, allowing businesses to scale their teams with high-quality engineers, for a pre-determined amount of time.

You can see an overview on its website here.

Interested in learning more?  Please fill out the contact form with information about your business, or reach out with any questions to [email protected].

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