Raising Awareness of Vermont’s Tech Job Opportunities


Tech team meetingOne of the key goals of the Vermont Technology Alliance is to help Vermont companies recruit the talent they need to succeed and grow, and to help job seekers discover tech jobs with Vermont businesses. 

There are often more tech jobs or roles with tech businesses than the people to fill them, and for many tech businesses that means recruiting not only in-state, but also attracting employees who want to relocate to Vermont.

The VTTA works to promote and draw attention to the tech businesses and career opportunities that many, particularly those outside the state, may not be aware of.  

Most know Vermont as a unique and verdant state with a lifestyle and recreation that can’t be beat. Thousands of visitors come every year for skiing, scenery, outdoor recreation, unique downtowns, restaurants, craft beer and more.

Less obvious is that Vermont has a growing tech economy and is a prime place to find a tech job and build a tech career.

We’ve heard the comment: “I love Vermont, it’s such a great place to visit; if only there were jobs for someone like me.”

There are.  Lots of them – from large, established firms to start-ups.

They’re not only in Burlington and greater Chittenden County, but also throughout the state in small towns and communities where you might not expect them.

In fact, more Vermonters have jobs in tech occupations and tech industries than in any other business sector. Vermont has tech at its heart.

There are jobs in dynamic tech businesses and in traditionally non-tech businesses, whose success depend on tech skills. These are fast-growing companies, whose names may not be familiar, but are delivering cutting-edge products, software and services to customers worldwide. They are great places to work for: organizations where you can make a difference and be a valued contributor, in a state where individualism and community matter.

Vermont also is a home for growing number telecommuters, particularly tech workers who can work from anywhere and are choosing Vermont.

Vermont boasts a growing ecosystem of tech events and organizations (like the VTTA), meet-up groups, co-working spaces and other resources. And for those needing that big city fix, Vermont is in the center of a geographic triangle that has Montreal to the north, New York City to the southwest and Boston to the southeast.

Some of the actions the VTTA has taken to promote Vermont’s tech ecosystem include:

      • Expand awareness of and draw attention to Vermont tech businesses and opportunities through our VTTA Website.
      • Host the Career Center on the Vermont Technology Alliance website that regularly lists more than 200 tech and non-tech jobs with VTTA member businesses.
      • Support Vermont’s recruiting efforts and programs such as the Remote Worker and New Worker Relocation Grant Programs. 
      • Produced an Innov802 video designed to highlight Vermont as a place where you can find a great lifestyle and tech career. The video has also been adopted for use by Vermont on the state’s ThinkVermont website.
      • Worked with the Vermont Department Labor to report the number and impact of STEM/Tech jobs in Vermont
      • Help organize and participate in the annual Vermont Tech Jam career and trade show.
      • Sharing news, information and making connections through our monthly newsletter and social media reaching a tech-focused audience in and outside the state. Our LinkedIn group has more than 2000 members, many of whom are from outside Vermont and interested in Vermont’s tech opportunities.
      • Helping job seekers make contacts and find opportunities.

The VTTA serves as the collective voice for Vermont’s technology business sector and careers. If you are a Vermont tech business, become a member and help us amplify the opportunities for your business and Vermont’s tech ecosystem.

If you are a job seeker, check out our Career Center, our member businesses, attend an event or reach out to us at [email protected].  Your best career and lifestyle might be waiting for you in the Green Mountain state.

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