Tech Grows In VT

Vermont may be a rural state, but it has tech at its heart.

Vermont is perhaps best known for its agricultural roots, outdoor recreation and tourism. – all of which make it a welcome place to live and visit. But Vermont also is home to many tech-focused businesses and tech jobs too. For the tech job seeker, entrepreneur or business, Vermont offers the best of both worlds: a state with a growing tech ecosystem and a great quality of life.

Vermont may be a rural state, but it has tech at its heart. While tech may not be the first to come to mind when people think about the Green Mountain state, tech businesses and jobs are at its core. Vermont has a growing technology business sector, featuring a diverse array of companies delivering cutting-edge products, software and services to customers worldwide. They provide high-paying jobs, bring money into the state and generate tax revenue. And since many tech firms can start-up anywhere, they fit the state’s focus on developing thriving downtowns and expanding opportunities into smaller communities.

In addition, tech is widely infused throughout Vermont’s broader economy. Nearly every job and industry in Vermont requires some use of tech skills and tools; that’s why tech jobs are in demand by both tech and non-tech businesses.

Also, Vermont has become a growing home for remote or telecommuting tech professionals, many working for some of the largest tech firms. If you can work from anywhere, why not Vermont?

Tech Jobs Power Vermont’s Economy

The Vermont Department of Labor at the request and support of the Vermont Technology Alliance has looked at the prevalence and impact of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) jobs in Vermont, including employees in Vermont tech businesses, those in non-tech sectors, and independent entrepreneurs.
The study highlights the pervasiveness and positive impact of STEM/Tech jobs in Vermont:

  • STEM/Tech jobs make up 25% of all Vermont employment.
  • STEM/Tech jobs earn 88% more than the state average.
  • STEM/Tech wages represent more than $6 Billion in payroll annually, and make up approximately 40% of all Vermont wages.
  • STEM/Tech jobs are growing at a rate that is 3x other VT jobs.
  • Each STEM/tech job creates 2 other jobs in the economy.

In terms of salary, education, and financial impact, tech is a powerful driver of Vermont’s economy today, and a growth opportunity for Vermont’s future.

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