Our Tech Story

The Vermont Technology Alliance was formed in 2004 as the Vermont Software Developers Alliance.

Founded in 2004

The Vermont Technology Alliance was formed in 2004 as the Vermont Software Developers Alliance. It was started after a number of tech entrepreneurs came together, with the assistance of the Burlington Office of Community and Economic Development, to discuss mutual needs and opportunities. They recognized the emergence of software and related tech businesses in Vermont, and the need to raise awareness and promote Vermont’s tech sector and career opportunities.

From events to outreach Fostering Tech Success

As a result, The Vermont Software Developers’ Alliance was formed to foster a strong and growing software industry in Vermont, with a focus on common business interests and programs; where members could share ideas, expertise and strategies for success. The organization helped create the annual Vermont Tech Jam, held “Lunch & Learn” and other networking events, worked with government leaders and advocated for Vermont’s tech sector.

In 2012, our name was changed to the Vermont Technology Alliance (VTTA)

to better reflect our expanding membership, and mission to represent and support the state’s growing number of technology companies that are creating high-skilled, high-paying jobs. The name change reflected this expanded role of the organization and its welcoming of all Vermont technology-focused companies as members, along with supporting businesses and organizations.

Since, the VTTA has grown to represent more than 200 businesses and individuals representing a range of tech businesses and tech professionals, including those in non-tech businesses. It also encompasses many organizations and businesses that work with and support Vermont’s tech economy, including education, legal, accounting, consulting, recruiting and marketing firms.

VTTA networking eventThe VTTA has continued organizing and supporting established events such as the Tech Jam and its Summer Cruise networking event, but also expanded with stepped up advocacy, publication of a Tech Jobs Report, new events such as “Let’s Tech Together” sessions and a Tech Conference, and offering a Career Center among other efforts to help recruit tech talent.

As it did at its founding, the Vermont Technology Alliance sees Vermont’s tech sector as Vermont’s strongest economic development opportunity, representing growing, diverse and high-paying employers generating taxes and other benefits for the state.

Our role is to help tell that story in and outside of the state, to support and promote the state’s tech-focused businesses, and help them attract the tech talent and resources they need to succeed and thrive.

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