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Vermont the Top Move to Location for United Van Lines Customers; #12 for U-Haul

United Van Lines and U-Haul each released data on top locations to move to in 2023 for their respective customers. 

As has been the case for the last several years, Vermont has topped the list of United Van Lines top moving destinations in 2023 in its 47th Annual National Movers Study, which indicates that at least among its customers, Americans are moving eastbound and southbound – and relocating to less expensive areas with comparable amenities to larger metropolitan areas. 

According to the results of the study, which tracks the company’s exclusive data for customers’ state-to-state migration patterns, for the third consecutive year, more residents moved to Vermont than any other state, with 65% of moves being inbound. Moving to be closer to family (29%) led the reason for relocating to the state, followed by a lifestyle change (20%). However, for the sixth consecutive year, the study found more residents moved out of New Jersey than any other state, as 65% of New Jersey moves were outbound. The top motivation for moves out of the state was driven primarily from those looking to retire (27%). 

The top inbound states of 2023 were:  

  1. Vermont 
  2. Washington, D.C. 
  3. South Carolina 
  4. Arkansas 
  5. Rhode Island 
  6. North Carolina 
  7. South Dakota 
  8. Alabama 
  9. New Mexico 
  10. West Virginia

New to the 2023 top inbound list are Arkansas, moving up from #18 in 2022 to #4 in 2023, and West Virginia, moving up from #13 in 2022 to #10 in 2023.  

Read more about United Van Lines Study here.

Meanwhile, among U-Haul’s do-it-yourself customers, Texas saw the largest number of movers in one-way U-Haul® equipment in 2023, marking the third consecutive year it has finished atop the U-Haul Growth Index.  Florida ranks right behind Texas among growth states for the third year in a row, followed by North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Vermont ranked 12th among the 50 states, moving up from 30th position last year; although the state also ranked 12th in 2021.  Vermont was the only northeastern state among the top 25.

Read more about the U-Haul’s Growth Index here.

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