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Vermont Once Again Tops United Van Lines’ List of Top Moving Destinations 2022

Source: Vermont Biz/United Van Lines

Vermont has topped the list of Top Moving Destinations of 2022, according to the 2022 National Movers Study released by United Van Lines, the nation’s largest household goods mover. According to the results of the study, which tracks the company’s data for customers’ state-to-state migration patterns, Vermont saw the highest percentage of inbound migration (77%) for the second consecutive year. It wasn’t close. Vermont was 10 points higher than second place Oregon. Those who moved into Vermont tended to be older and wealthier.

Moving In 

The top inbound states of 2022 were:  

  1. Vermont 
  2. Oregon 
  3. Rhode Island 
  4. South Carolina 
  5. Delaware 
  6. North Carolina 
  7. Washington, D.C. 
  8. South Dakota 
  9. New Mexico 
  10. Alabama 

Of the top ten inbound states, four — Vermont, Oregon, South Dakota and New Mexico — are among the least densely populated states in America, with less than 100 people per square mile. South Dakota and New Mexico are among the top 10. 

Moving Out  

The top outbound states for 2022 were: 

  1. New Jersey 
  2. Illinois 
  3. New York 
  4. Michigan 
  5. Wyoming  
  6. Pennsylvania 
  7. Massachusetts 
  8. Nebraska 
  9. Louisiana 
  10. California 

The top reasons for moving to Vermont were family and job. A majority of movers were 45 or older with higher incomes.

The study showed that while, overall, residents are continuing to leave the northeastern U.S. region, individual states like Vermont and Rhode Island are seeing higher inbound migration than outbound. The study and its accompanying survey, which examines the motivations and influences for Americans’ interstate moves, also revealed more Baby Boomers and Gen Xers moved than any other age group last year, as those aged 55 and older accounted for more than 55% of all inbound United Van Lines moves in 2022.

By contrast, Vermont fell from 12th to 30th in the 2022 U-Haul report on moving, though activity was higher in Vermont both in- and out-of-state than the US on average, as moving in the nation generally slowed in 2022. The difference in the U-Haul versus United reports could reflect the demographic of the mover between the do-it-yourselfer versus someone paying someone else to move them.

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