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Survey: Vermonter’s Top Future Industry Investment Choices are BioTech, AI, and Renewable Energy

Source: MarketBeat

According to a survey by the stock market information news site MarketBeat, the top three industries Vermonters would invest in if they had $10,000 are:

  • Biotechnology and Gene Editing
  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  • Renewable Energy Advancements

MarketBeat ran a survey of 3,000 people to ask them a hypothetical question: If you had $10,000 to invest in one future industry, which would you choose? They then broke down the top responses by state.

Their methodology was an online panel survey of 3,000 adults based on age, gender, and geography. And then “used a two-step process to ensure representativeness through stratified sampling and post-stratification weighting. “

The Vermont top three were also at the top 10 list produced by MarketBeat:

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics emerged as the top investment choice, reflecting a strong belief in their potential to transform daily life and various industries.
  2. Biotechnology and Gene Editing ranked second, indicating a significant interest in their potential for curing genetic diseases and personalizing medical treatments.
  3. Renewable Energy Advancements were the third most popular choice, highlighting a growing focus on sustainable and innovative energy solutions.
  4. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality investments are seen as redefining entertainment, education, and professional training.
  5. Sustainable Agriculture and Food Technology is gaining attention for its innovative approaches to food production and sustainability.
  6. Longevity and Anti-Aging Research shows a rising interest in extending human lifespans and improving life quality in later years.
  7. Nanotechnology is recognized for its broad applications, from medical treatments to new material development.
  8. Quantum Computing is known for its potential to solve complex problems much faster than current technology.
  9. Smart City Infrastructure investments are focused on enhancing urban efficiency and livability through technology.
  10. Asteroid Mining is seen as a high-risk, high-reward venture, tapping into resources from asteroids.

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