NeverTechLate (NTL) is committed to addressing the digital divide among older adults. Our mission is to bridge the gap by offering tailored digital literacy programs. Through the distribution of tablets and comprehensive training in digital skills and internet usage, NTL empowers older adults to harness the benefits of technology. Our programs enable connection with loved ones, access to vital online resources (such as telehealth or online banking), participation in virtual social activities, and even re-engagement with the workforce. By promoting digital inclusion, NeverTechLate not only enhances the quality of life for older adults but also fosters a more inclusive and equitable society.

Jobs by NeverTechLate

Tech Coaches

Location: Vermont

Type: volunteer

Education: none

Experience: <1yr

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NeverTechLate is regularly looking for talented and passionate Coaches interested in joining the inspiring adventure of empowering older adults and bridging the digital gap. NeverTechLate curriculum and your teaching excellence will enable our students to access the social connections, lifelong learning experiences and crucial services available when solid digital skills are learned. What we love to see in a NeverTechLate (“NTL”) coach: ● Experience in teaching adults ● Experience in teaching online ● Solid knowledge of and/or interest in digital skills ● Teaching in a manner that develops students' confidence in their abilities ● Excellent presentation abilities (in person and online) ● A nurturing and adaptable approach to instructing ● Passionate about fostering digital literacy and lifelong learning ● Will have acquired through the NTL 20-hour training program a thorough understanding of the NTL Instructional Design