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Resonant Link Raises $9.3 Million Investment for Wireless Charging Technology

Resonant Link, developer of a transformational wireless charging technology for medical devices and electric automotive fleets, announced it has raised a $9.3 million seed round, led by The Engine, the venture firm spun out of MIT that invests in early-stage Tough Tech companies. New investor Volta Energy Technologies also participated in the round, alongside previous pre-seed investors including: Emerson Collective, Scout Ventures, Urban Us, and FreshTracks Capital.

The new capital will be used for strategic hiring and to support product development and customer deployment.

Resonant Link is building best-in-class wireless chargers to power implantable medical devices and accelerate electrification in robotics, material handling, and electric vehicles. Its powerful multi-layer self-resonant structure (MSRS) enables wireless chargers that are:

  • 5-10x higher performance than is possible with existing technologies
  • 5-10x faster charge (speed)
  • 4x lower normalized cost
  • 3x lighter in weight
  • 3x smaller in size

“Energy and power have become the new vectors of competition across industry, particularly transportation and healthcare, as consumers and patients demand better, safer and more mobile experiences,” said Dr. Grayson Zulauf, co-founder and CEO of Resonant Link. “Our technology isn’t just an evolution in wireless charging; by fundamentally changing the wireless coil geometry from two to three dimensions, we enable charging speeds equal to and faster than wired, longer ranges, smaller chargers, and radically reduced on-board battery sizes. This smaller battery footprint and longer operating life results in less obtrusive medical implants and less stops and more miles for industrial fleets.”

Resonant Link was founded in 2017 by CEO Grayson Zulauf, PhD, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, CTO Aaron Stein, PhD, Power Electronics, University of Michigan, CSO Phyo Aung Kyaw PhD, Electrical Engineering, Dartmouth, and Professor Charlie Sullivan of Dartmouth. Its growing team is a mix of former early-stage founders, engineers, and industry veterans from Tesla, Apple, Motiv, and Dynapower. The company is headquartered in Vermont, has employees in Massachusetts, California, and Zurich and plans to expand in all three locations in 2022.

Since its founding, Resonant Link has secured customers in every sector, including six Fortune 500 companies, to power their mission-critical applications. In the past 12 months, the company was profitable and increased revenue by 6x year-over-year. In that time, its customer base has doubled. Currently, seven medical partners are designing Resonant Link wireless power into their implantable devices and 13 fleets have signed up for an initial deployment in their industrial electric fleets (robots, lift trucks).

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