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MTX Group to Create 250 Hi-Tech Jobs with Opening of Office in Waterbury, Vermont

MTX Group Inc. (MTX), a premier global technology consulting firm, announced plans to establish a Northeast regional office in Vermont as part of its continued expansion in the region. MTX partners with public sector agencies and organizations to modernize technology to advance the happiness, health, and economics of the communities they serve worldwide. With a global presence, MTX is committed to creating 250 hi-tech jobs in Vermont in the next five years.

“Vermont’s economic recovery path, as we define the new normal from this pandemic, requires investment from the private sector that aligns with the current administration’s strategic goals: grow the economy; make Vermont more affordable and protect the most vulnerable,” said MTX Founder & CEO Das Nobel. “MTX is committed to Vermont’s economic recovery efforts with 250 hi-tech jobs while helping government agencies achieve outcomes in happiness, health and economics. At MTX, we are passionate about providing equal and growth opportunities to all, including embodying women in leadership, training and hiring veterans, and spearheading a one-year paid parental leave.”

“We want to thank MTX for choosing to expand their business in Vermont, bringing new jobs to the area,” said Vermont Governor Phil Scott. “Companies like MTX – with a commitment to employees through high paying jobs, good benefits, training and professional development and a commitment to the community at large – will make a big difference in our efforts to move towards a more prosperous future across the state. “

MTX chose Vermont as a location after being authorized for a Vermont employment growth incentive with an enhancement for locating in a labor market area with higher unemployment than the State average. This incentive is earned if the company meets growth targets including hiring 250 employees in the next five years.

With a newly established and permanent presence in Vermont, MTX will continue to advance the state’s IT modernization journey, supporting Governor Scott’s initiative to set aside $53 million for a technology fund to jump-start a dozen IT projects across government agencies.

MTX East Coast Client Partner Charles McCarthy added, “MTX recognizes Vermont’s leadership in bringing hi-tech employment opportunities. Offering a collaboration between the government and established major tourism businesses within Vermont, MTX is excited to partner with these and educational institutions to bring leading-edge research innovative solutions that are secure, trusted, and impactful to the communities we serve in Vermont and around the world.”

One of MTX’s biggest differentiators is the speed in delivering solutions and realization of values for the communities and agencies. What may take other companies’ months, MTX delivers in weeks and sometimes days. As a trusted advisor to many U.S. states and cities during the COVID-19 pandemic, MTX provided emergency response management solutions that address the effects of the disease on communities. The Vermont Department of Labor turned to MTX to modernize its unemployment insurance claim systems in a matter of weeks.

“Our CEO’s commitment in Vermont is a very inspirational journey,” said MTX Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, Nipa Nobel. “Creating hi-tech jobs in Vermont is a personal commitment from Das where he will be onsite to welcome new MTX family members and participate in onboarding and training sessions. Das’ humble beginnings in a remote village in Bangladesh makes his journey in helping communities thrive and a story for the ages. Vermont creates an unbelievable gravitational pull with Das’ vision for communities. Das fell in love with Vermont and Vermont will admire his actions in helping residents thrive.”

MTX currently provides technology solutions in over 35 states, including health monitoring, disease transmission tracking, unemployment insurance claims, emergency child care licensing, isolation services for higher education, and vaccination management. MTX also specializes in modernizing licensing, permitting, inspection, and grant management processes with unique technology solutions for government agencies while preventing fraudulent or duplicate claims.

To help recruit and retain local talent in Vermont, MTX has prepared a robust internship and requirement plan to nurture professionals in sectors such as business, technology, marketing, artificial intelligence, machine learning and renewable energy. To learn more about job openings, please visit

About MTX Group

MTX Group Inc. is a global technology consulting firm powered by the Maverick Quantum (mavQ) Artificial Intelligence platform that enables organizations to modernize through digital transformation and strategy. With data as the new currency, MTX helps organizations transform their long-term strategy with outcomes in mind around happiness, health, and economy. MTX improves decision-making for organizations with speed and quality by leveraging the mavQ AI platform and partnering with other leading cloud technologies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Salesforce.


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