Maple Broadband Extends Service Area

Source VermontBiz

Maple Broadband is bringing high speed future-proof fiber internet to Addison County. Service will be launching later this month in portions of Cornwall, Salisbury, and a small corner of Middlebury.

In 2022, Maple Broadband’s focus was on securing funding and beginning construction on the foundation of their network. Here’s where they’re at—and where they’re going in 2023:

  • Construction began October 3, with 25.7 miles of fiber laid to-date
  • Building is paused for the winter; crews will resume work in spring
  • 100+ miles of fiber will be laid in 2023
  • Service is coming later this year to portions of Shoreham, Orwell, Whiting, more of Cornwall, Salisbury, and a small portion of northwest Leicester

Maple Broadband is a Communications Union District (CUD) composed of 20 towns in Addison County. Maple Broadband is a not-for-profit municipal entity governed by volunteer representatives from towns that are members of the district. Funded by grants, donations, and loans, not taxes, and run by people like you, we exist solely to build a better, more connected future for our communities.

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