Firmware Engineer

Location: South Burlington

Type: Full Time

Education: No Ed Requirements

Experience: 3 - 5 Years

As a senior Firmware Engineer at our South Burlington, Vermont Headquarters you lead full-time the development of firmware/software coding tasks for the various microcontroller (MCU) applications across our own products including motherboards and expansion cards. You also support external partners performing BIOS creation for our own computer motherboards. You will engage in projects from the concept phase, through development, prototype build and validation all the way through volume production.

On an average day, you’ll…

Work with the product definition and product design team to identify and document the microcontroller firmware requirements.

Code and debug MCU firmware.

Work with the product definition and product design team to define BIOS specifications.

Collaborate with external parties in the development of the UEFI BIOS.

Work with manufacturing to build prototypes for evaluation.

Validate function of firmware & BIOS on prototypes.

Perform RTOS porting and development of the device drivers.

Actively participate in continuous improvement of the company’s development processes.


Our Engineering team creates our cutting edge industrial computers by finding innovative solutions on a daily basis. The Engineering team’s success relies on collaboration, creative thinking and a commitment to being at the forefront of technology. Roles on our Engineering team include Electrical, Mechanical, Firmware, Applications, Sustaining and Regulatory.


You have a bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science, Software or Electrical Engineering.

You have a minimum of 3 years Firmware development experience.

You have experience in embedded firmware, and debugging using JTAG based debuggers & analyzers.

You have a strong background in software design with C, Assembly.

You have a good understanding of PC hardware architectures, BIOS and Linux.

You have experience with microcontrollers, their architecture and operation.

You have a strong engineering aptitude for electronic/electrical systems.

You understand schematics for software/hardware integration.

Who we’re looking for:

You have proven experience in developing code for microcontrollers.

You are enthusiastic about software development and thrives at solving Engineering challenges!

You have detail oriented skills with a focus on quality.


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