Assistant Professor Position in Game Programming

Champlain College

Location: Burlington

Type: Full Time

Education: No Ed Requirements

Experience: 3 - 5 Years

The successful candidate will teach a wide range of Computer Science and Game Programming courses.  The typical teaching load is four courses per semester.  Small class sizes optimize instructor-student interaction; hands-on activities translate theory into practice.  Because the College is entrepreneurial and market-driven, its academic programs respond to industry dynamics.  Consequently, the College particularly values industry and other practical experience for its faculty and students.  As a part of The Game Studio at Champlain College, the successful candidate will need to be highly collegial and collaborative with faculty from other programs.  A track record of multidisciplinary collaboration is highly sought after.


Desired skills and knowledge include professional-level knowledge of C++, 2D/3D graphics, and game architecture.  The successful candidate should also have professional-level experience in at least one of the following: game networking, game AI, game physics, Unity3D, Unreal Engine, and Mobile apps.  Proficiency in other programming languages used in the game industry (such as C#) is a plus.  A strong interest and/or experience in education/teaching are essential.

The ideal candidate will have a graduate degree in game programming or a related field.  As Champlain College highly values practical experience, consideration will be given to candidates with a bachelor’s degree plus significant industry accomplishments as measured by years of experience, published games, and publications/articles.  All candidates must have at least 3 years of professional experience in Game Development or a closely related industry and be able to demonstrate a commitment to teaching.


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