The Vermont Technology Alliance advocates for programs and public policies that support the success and growth of Vermont’s tech-focused businesses, organizations and jobs.

  • We are a recognized resource that Vermont legislators, state officials and other leaders turn to for tech business insight, information and advice.
  • As a collective voice for Vermont’s tech businesses and organizations, the VTTA is able to communicate the perspectives of Vermont’s tech sector and have a bigger impact.
  • We stay on top of legislation and regulations that are relevant to Vermont’s tech business sector, keeping the industry’s interests in mind.
  • Through the financial sponsorship of a number of our members, we have been able to engage with a public affairs firm to monitor legislation and represent our interests in the statehouse. By sharing resources, the vtTA is able to provide professional lobbying services for its members with a collective voice at a rate that is a fraction of what each would pay for it on their own.

Public Policy Focus Areas

Here are some of our public policy focus areas and examples of where we’ve had an impact.

Attract a Tech Workforce to Vermont

• Marketing plan and programs to promote relocation to Vermont

• Incentives for remote and relocating employees

Address Infrastructure Needs

• Expansion of broadband & telecommunications services statewide; housing growth

Expand Vermont’s Tech Business Ecosystem

• Vermont Seed Fund

• Blockchain

• Business Portal

• Workforce development and education

• Co-working spaces and programs

Public Policy That Supports (Not Hinders) the Growth of Vermont’s Tech Economy

• Cloud Computing Tax – preventing taxing cloud computing

• Business tax credits and incentives

• Balanced Business regulations: Non-compete Agreements, Contracts, Right to Repair, AI & Data Privacy.

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