Web Application Infrastructure Specialist

Stone Environmental Inc.

Location: Montpelier, VT

Type: Full Time

Education: Bachelor's Degree

Experience: 5 - 10 Years

Stone Environmental, Inc. is seeking an experienced and motivated individual to fill a position as a Web Application
Infrastructure Specialist, where responsibilities will include system administration, DevOps, and middleware / backend software development, with a focus on web applications for environmental quality modeling.

The primary responsibility for the position will be supporting software that integrates agricultural/environmental
modeling and optimization with web-based user interfaces and Big Data to facilitate custom workflows. These webbased systems create inputs for, manage the running of, and report on the outputs of agricultural models such as the APEX farm-scale model, for the purpose of quantifying the benefits of conservation practice implementation aimed at improving water quality, promoting sustainable farming, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

A core part of these systems is automation of the execution of models like APEX which is a Fortran model provided to us as a Linux binary. Successful automation of this has required familiarity with Linux shell scripting (in Bash),
Python, and Docker. Creation of the Docker images has required knowledge of how to install and setup a Linuxbased OS and configure the versions of software on it through package management, as well as custom-compile particular libraries needed to support the Fortran executable.

The successful applicant will be skilled both as a middleware and back-end developer. This person hired will be
responsible for managing Linux based servers running the system’s various components including the front-end
hosted from a Linux server running Apache, and the API and middleware written in NodeJS and JavaScript, run as
Linux services. All the software runs on virtual machines and Docker containers hosted on Amazon EC2 and ECS,
which the applicant must be comfortable troubleshooting.

The system’s database is PostgreSQL which the successful applicant must be able to install, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot. While maintaining and developing the web front-end code is not a core responsibility, the applicant
should be able to understand the full architecture of the system and make improvements to it for stability and

The ideal candidate works well both as part of a team and independently and will bring enthusiasm and dedication to
producing outstanding software products and services. Because the project requires some specialized technical
capabilities, the candidate must be able to clearly communicate about technical complexity to members of the team
who are not deeply familiar with all parts of the technology.

Technical Skills
 Application Architecture / Service Oriented Architecture
 Software Engineering
 JavaScript
 NodeJS
 Restify (ideally) or Express
 UNIX Shell scripting
 PostgreSQL maintenance/admin
 PGSQL capability a big plus
 Occasional use of PSQL, PGSQL2SHP, PostGIS
 Docker
 Python 3
 Documentation
 Linux
 OS install/config
 Custom compile libraries (using make, configure, etc.)
 Server setup
 Apache configuration
 ArcGIS Server / ArcSDE (Linux)
 ArcGIS Pro capability a plus
 AWS (Amazon Web Services) EC2, VPC, EBS, S3

Desirable Skills but not Required
 Aptitude and/or interest in applying environmental models for use in quantifying sustainable agricultural
practice benefits to environmental quality and climate change mitigation
 Familiarity with spatial datasets used in environmental analysis
 Experience integrating Big Data in web applications
 Data management

Experience and Education
 B.S. or M.S. in software engineering or something closely related to software engineering
 Five to ten years of relevant experience in the skill areas described above are required

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