VMEC Director & CEO

Vermont Manufacturing Extension Center VMEC

Location: Randolph, VT

Type: Full Time

Education: Bachelor's Degree

Experience: 5 - 10 Years

The Vermont Manufacturing Extension Center (VMEC, www.vmec.org) is one of 51 centers in the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) National Network. VMEC is hosted by the VT State College System at Vermont Technical College and operates as a not-for-profit center with a primary mission “To strengthen and empower Vermont manufacturers.”  VMEC is the only organization in VT focused solely on manufacturing, and collaborates with VT state government, economic development partners, higher education, and other public and private partners to strengthen and grow VT’s manufacturing sector.  Center staff work directly with manufacturers of all sizes to understand their challenges including workforce development, operational efficiency, and business growth and provide assistance and resources helping them improve, innovate, and increase competitiveness. VMEC is in it’s 27th year of operation and has a total staff of 10 full time positions.

As the Center Director & CEO of VMEC, the incumbent will play a leading role in developing and implementing a  strategy for strengthening and modernizing Vermont’s manufacturing sector.  The CEO will, in consultation and cooperation with the VMEC Staff and Advisory Board: formulate policies, programs, and evaluation criteria in support of the organization’s goals; develop and implement strategic and business plans; and report to key stakeholders and the Advisory Board on their implementation.

Major responsibilities of the Center Director & CEO will be:

  • Leading the overall development of the organization through a business approach designed to maximize success in serving client companies
  • Achieving the Center’s goals and objectives, as determined by the staff and key stakeholders
  • Working with private and public-sector sponsors and partners, other MEP centers, and others in the state’s community of manufacturing service providers – developing and maintaining strategic relationships/partnerships
  • Coordinating with state government – building strong relationships and continuing to secure state funding
  • Building a strong network with manufacturing leaders within the state that influence the economic direction and manufacturing strategies of the state.
  • Convening and facilitating manufacturers and public and private partners to address important manufacturing sector opportunities and challenges
  • Continuously improving the working relationship with NIST MEP
  • Overseeing the Center’s marketing strategy development and implementation
  • Creating a high performance, working environment, to train, motivate and retain talented employees
  • Continuing to build a strong and active advisory board – managing the relationships and inspiring the board to action
  • Overseeing the preparation of proposals for grants and competitive awards, project contracts with clients, and contracts with service providers
  • Overseeing special projects and further developing programs to help manufacturers strengthen and grow their businesses
  • Overseeing the development of the Center’s annual budget and ongoing financial management
  • Assisting staff in client development
  • Delivering assessment, technical assistance and/or training services in continuous improvement and innovation, advanced technology, workforce development, and supply chain; individually, with other staff and /or with affiliates
  • Providing leadership and support to the organization’s continuous improvement and innovation efforts
  • Ensuring ideas are created and implemented to strengthen the organization’s unique value proposition and build our business pipeline.

Preferred Characteristics:

  • Excellent consensus/team building skills
  • Organizational awareness and political sensitivity; ability to establish and maintain rapport with various state constituencies
  • Exceptionally effective, persuasive communications skills
  • Strong motivational and leadership skills
  • Strong marketing and recruiting skills
  • Excellent administrative ability
  • An entrepreneurial approach to management, organizational development and strategic planning
  • Excellent analytical and decision-making skills

Preferred Qualifications and Experience:

  • Demonstrated knowledge of and experience working with public sector entities including State Government, the Department of Commerce, the higher education system, and private sector entities
  • BA or BS in related field required, graduate degree is desirable
  • Demonstrated expertise in formulating strategy and policy
  • Experience in developing strategic relationships with the business and commercial sectors
  • Executive experience in managing budgets, contracts, and operations
  • Experience working effectively with Boards of Directors
  • Experience working collaboratively with manufacturers, academic institutions, and government entities
  • Experience in developing partnerships with public and private sector organizations
  • Experience in building a strong and effective management team
  • Demonstrated skill in working within the political arena and with elected officials
  • Direct experience in manufacturing an advantage.

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