User Experience Designer – Fully Remote or Onsite

Green River

Location: Brattleboro, VT

Type: Full Time

Education: No Ed Requirements

Experience: 1 - 2 Years

Green River is looking for someone to join our team of designers and engineers to help craft effective software solutions. We especially seek candidates committed to public health, school improvement, environmental protection, and social justice.

The User Experience Designer will work with our UX design, visual design, and engineering teams to help develop highly usable software based on the needs of users.

We’re looking for a team member who will:

  • Create wireframes and prototypes of user interface screens for use in team collaboration on feasibility, support of previously identified goals, effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction.
  • Design data visualizations.
  • Execute quantitative user research (usability tests, surveys, A/B testing, card sorts) to identify areas for improvement and further investigation.
  • Execute qualitative user research (user interviews, contextual inquiries, diary studies).
  • Report on user research findings: create summaries, concept maps, personas, journey maps, flow maps, swim lane diagrams, site maps, and other visualizations to support team understanding and further ideation.
  • Perform website visits analyses to identify successes and areas for improvement and further research.
  • Provide detailed implementation instructions for engineers, including user-based rationale for functionality.
  • Collaborate with engineers when adjustments are needed.
  • Perform quality assurance (QA) testing for fidelity to design intent.
  • Lead demos for clients; provide testing suggestions and timeframes for client QA.

A successful candidate will likely have experience in:

  • Creating wireframes, mock-ups, and data visualizations
  • Designing for accessibility
  • Creating design systems or pattern libraries
  • Integrating design into agile or lean product development processes
  • Collaborating with stakeholders and engineers to define business problems and prototype solutions
  • Distributed collaboration, including remote ideation on ux design
  • Conducting user research studies, including recruiting, in-person and remote interviews and usability observations
  • Solving complex information architecture problems

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