Technical Project Design Engineer

DominionTech Computer Services

Location: Williston,VT

Type: Full Time

Education: No Ed Requirements

Experience: 1 - 2 Years

As part of our proactive approach to technology solutions for businesses, DominionTech’s clients seek technology solutions that require project proposals and designs for execution. These projects help align their technology to provide the superior service, and superpower, that DominionTech is known for.

As the Technical Design Engineer, you will gain a breadth of knowledge surrounding our client networks, infrastructure, and needs to build solutions for the Engineers to execute on. This will involve working closely with members of our technical teams to gain that knowledge and scope, design, and see to completion the project plans that will help attain our customer’s business goals. This role will require someone with technical knowledge and expertise who enjoys putting “pen to paper” to bring to life the work that Project Engineers will deliver to our clients.


Key Components of this role look like:

Architectural Design & Review

  • Create clear and visually appealing project designs
  • Work with vCIOs and Project Engineers to write Statement of Work documents that will accomplish business objectives outlined.
  • Evaluate existing infrastructure and analyze collected data to create accurate designs and proposals
  • Using input from team members, create effective statements of work that meet the guidelines of the DominionTech Way.
  • Participate in client meetings to present solution design as needed.

Renewals & Hardware Quotes

  • Manage and execute client renewals for specific products
  • Complete basic quotes such as a new PC or networking equipment
  • Create purchase orders and place orders
  • Maintain and submit subscription renewals

Vendor Collaboration

  • Vetting solutions & best practices
  • Obtain best price from vendors (deal registrations)
  • Make recommendations for new solutions


Desired skills include:

  • Customer service skills, confident and positive attitude
  • Working knowledge of networking (DNS, switches, firewalls, VPN, etc.)
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft M365 and other cloud solutions.
  • Working knowledge of security best practices and compliance (HIPAA, PCI, etc…)
  • Strong attention to detail in all tasks.
  • Self-directed and goal oriented
  • Time management skills that allow you to effectively manage multiple projects at one time.
  • Excellent written and oral communications skills and the ability to communicate with both clients and your team.

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