Senior Optical Design Engineer

Creative Microsystems

Location: Waitsfield, VT

Type: Full Time

Education: No Ed Requirements

Experience: Less than 1 year

CMC (Creative Microsystems) has an opening for a full-time optical design engineer with experience in rapid development, test and integration, and unconventional problem solving. Demonstrated success with complex designs that were rapidly developed is a plus. This position will assist in the development of advanced optical display and imaging systems. We encourage applicants to include descriptions of personal projects and efforts that demonstrate these capabilities outside of the workplace as well.

CMC is proud of having a diverse team with big capabilities, all while enjoying the incredible Vermont scenery and quality of life. We are always looking for creative and talented individuals, so please contact us if you think are a great fit, we’d love to hear from you.

CMC encourages applicants to include descriptions of personal projects and contributions to open source projects that demonstrate these capabilities outside of the workplace as well.


  • Required Qualifications:

    • Proficiency in optical modeling software (ZEMAX, LightTrans, Oslo etc)

    • Proficiency in RCWA technique using custom code

    • Laboratory and optics bench techniques including using microscopy & lasers

    • Design of systems using LEDs, lasers and imaging across the entire optical spectrum

    Preferred Qualifications:

    • Microscopy & lasers

    • Extensive LEDs, lasers, imaging systems, involving the entire optical spectrum

    • Proficiency in optical modeling software (ZEMAX)

    • Proficiency in RCWA technique


  • Developing, improving, analyzing, and integrating optical systems at various stages of projects leading to product introduction

  • Managing the design and/or troubleshooting of new or existing optical set ups

  • Managing and/or designing optical metrology and characterization set ups in lab and clean room environments

  • Managing and/or generating optical simulations and models

  • Providing a range of support with optics expertise to the product development team

  • Developing, reviewing, and providing input to technical documents (Concepts of Operations (CONOPS), System Requirements, Interface Control, System Specifications, User’s Manuals, internal datasheets, and references).

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