Product Manager-Remote


Location: Burlington, Vermont

Type: Full Time

Education: No Ed Requirements

Experience: 3 - 5 Years

Codingscape seeks a Product Manager who is an excellent communicator and wants to collaborate with Codingscape’s Partners, designers, development team, and clients.

A Codingscape Product Manager:

  • Can talk about previous projects or features they have delivered and the varying processes used
  • Turns stakeholder requirements into roadmaps, story maps, and agile user stories.
  • Is an excellent communicator with both developers, stakeholders, and often times C-level executives, written and spoken.
  • Is remote-first and excels at coordinating with remote teams and stakeholders.
  • Is comfortable working on multiple workstreams at the same time.
  • Is accustomed to high-level team estimation and milestones throughout projects to continually have a sense of delivery timing, and if this matches up with client expectations.
  • Is organized and regimented to run a detailed, prioritized, and current backlog.
  • Is always working towards clarity with Codingscape projects and clients.
  • Has a balance of vision and execution but with a bias towards execution.
  • Must be an expert communicator with the team and clients, and have good negotiation skills.
  • Must be a good self-motivator and self-regulator.

Codingscape Product Manager are well paid and serve a very important role within the Codingscape team.

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