Principal Power Electronics Engineer

Resonant Link

Location: Burlington, Vermont

Type: Full Time

Education: No Ed Requirements

Experience: 3 - 5 Years

Resonant Link is transforming the charging experience across industries and leading the movement to electrify work, logistics, transportation, and patient care. Our mission is to provide fast, safe, and reliable wireless power to help people, businesses, and the planet thrive, and more specifically, to:

  1. Power fleets while they work: enable material handling equipment like forklifts and robots to achieve 24/7 uptime. Resonant Link envisions a future where wireless chargers are integrated into the stops that already exist during fleet operation (think pick stations for robots or loading docks for forklifts), saving time, saving money, and protecting the planet through smaller batteries, smaller fleets, and more efficient power distribution and energy storage.
  2. Eliminate drivelines and risky battery replacement surgeries, forever: eliminate unnecessary surgeries, enable new therapies, and elevate existing treatments with the world’s smallest, fastest, easiest to align, FDA-compliant wireless chargers for implantable medical devices like neurostimulators, pumps, and pacemakers.

As a Principal Power Electronics Engineer, you will work directly with the CTO and our team of bright, passionate power electronics engineers to identify and solve the most demanding technical challenges in our product portfolio, ensuring that our industry-leading wireless chargers are delivered on-time, on-specification, and with the biggest challenges addressed early.

We’re committed to building a healthy, collaborative engineering culture – and to help us advance our mission, we’re looking for empathetic problem solvers and team leaders with a passion for solving technical challenges. If you get energized by working at the intersection of people, process and technology, we’re excited for you to bring your technical expertise, creativity, and leadership to the team!

On an average day, you’ll:

  • Simulate, analyze, and validate power electronics that form the wireless power link, and consider the ideal system architectures to deliver on the hard-to-achieve product specifications that our customers require
  • Identify critical risks in power electronics design across the organization, and work with the team to mitigate them
  • Conceptualize Resonant Link’s next wireless chargers for the world’s most demanding applications and customers
  • Develop critical innovations that expand Resonant Link’s customer pool and differentiation
  • Mentor and coach an exceptional team of driven, creative, and collaborative power electronics engineers
  • Learn from talented experts inside and outside the organization, with technical leaders, business leaders, customers, and partners engaged at Resonant Link

The team you’ll be joining:
Resonant Link is based in South Burlington, Vermont, with team members in more than a dozen states in the U.S. and in Europe. Some team members work on-site in our Vermont lab, others co-work together in central locations, like San Francisco, Boston, and Zurich, and others work remotely full-time. Our investors and partners include The Engine, Emerson Collective, Volta Energy Technologies, National Science Foundation, the Department of Defense, Cyclotron Road / Activate, Stanford, Dartmouth, Third Sphere, Scout Ventures, and others.


  • Industry-leading skills in power electronics design, including controls, device losses, system architecture selection, and system optimization.
  • Excels at identifying and navigating complex technical challenges, while maintaining a focus on building an inclusive team culture and coaching team members to find solutions
  • Location:
    • You are located in Burlington, VT , or within 5 hours driving distance and are willing to spend 25% time on-site in out BTV laboratory.
  • Must have up-to-date vaccinations for COVID-19 and at times, may be required to use a mask when visiting on-site or attending company-sponsored events


  • Advanced knowledge and experience in high-frequency power electronic design

Who we’re looking for:

  • You operate with empathy, integrity, and a growth mindset, viewing mistakes and challenges as learning opportunities and building upon your successes. You challenge yourself to continuously grow and improve.
  • You’re a collaborative, respectful, and honest team member and recognize your responsibility as a leader – You understand the impact of your work on other projects and people, and you know together is always better!
  • You’re able to think several steps ahead to mitigate downstream risks, and are not afraid of asking questions to get the full picture.
  • You’re a creative problem solver, taking initiative to own and solve problems with a mindset of continuous improvement – ensuring larger systems issues are addressed, not just the immediate problem at hand.
  • You’re adept at working in a distributed, dynamic environment, and feel comfortable navigating change and ambiguity

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