Implementation Specialist

Echo Consulting LLC

Location: Burlington, Vermont

Type: Full Time

Education: No Ed Requirements

Experience: 1 - 2 Years

As an Implementation Specialist at Echo Consulting, you will be part of a passionate team of consultants supporting clients through business transformation projects, such as implementing a new task management platform, process improvement and automation initiatives, configuring project and portfolio management solutions, and much more! You will be responsible for guiding clients through design, configuration, testing, piloting, training, and adopting their innovative solutions, and providing best practice recommendations for how to optimize their process and software platform throughout the implementation.

At Echo Consulting, we know choosing a software/tool is not the end – the new process and system must be fully adopted to bring true change to the organization. In this role of implementation specialist, you will be to assure clients maximize the ROI (Return on Investment) on software investments and share project management and process improvement best practices throughout implementation and adoption.

Implementation Specialists at Echo Consulting are curious and always looking for ways to improve our clients’ experience. To be successful in this role, an Implementation Specialist should be highly communicative and enjoy collaborating with diverse teams and perspectives. Implementation Specialists should not be judgmental and should always be willing to meet clients and teams where they are today and support a vision of incremental improvement over time. A passion for using technology/tools to support process improvement and a patient and methodical approach to testing and training is needed to ensure high value outcomes for our clients. Implementation Specialists are not experts in client processes, but they are able to see the forest through the trees and draw parallels between other client implementations, to offer alternative perspectives and approaches to exceeding client goals.


  • Actively participate in requirements workshops to identify client challenges, pain points, and define goals and objectives for the implementation.

  • Design, Configure, Build, and Test process improvement and software solutions to support client’s project management and operational requirements and goals.

  • Create test plans and manage client feedback during the testing and pilot phase of the implementation.

  • Develop training workshops and supportive documentation to help teams adopt their new processes and solutions.

  • Collaborate with Echo team to ensure client solutions are high-quality, scalable, and resilient and exceed client expectations.

  • Support clients testing and validating that the solution meets their needs and that they know how to administer their solution independently.

  • Actively participate in requirements workshops and training sessions to learn, share, and motivate team members to build internal Champions within client organizations.

  • Collaborate with teams and key stakeholders to predict and identify any potential risks for implementation as well as develop and execute mitigation plans to respond proactively to manage risks.

  • Identify ways to increase adoption and client satisfaction.

  • Provide outstanding client service and resolve client issues throughout the implementation process.

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