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Faraday is the leading prediction cloud for brands. Located in the historic Maltex Building in beautiful Burlington, Vermont, we’re a fast-growing venture-backed startup founded in 2012.

Our values

We believe diversity in identities, perspectives, and backgrounds fosters creativity and enriches the workplace for every employee. We deeply value different points of view that allow us to include and celebrate the diversity within our company, as well as build out better products and experiences for our clients.

We believe in privacy and are committed to ending the widespread proliferation of consumer data. We believe in science and the power of statistically significant conclusions. We believe in equity and reject all forms of algorithmic prejudice. We believe in health and fun and encourage a positive work/life balance.

About our Engineering team

Are you a programmer ready to focus 4 days a week, with all meetings restricted to a single day? Are you ready to build an industry-changing product? Do you want to apply technologies like BigQuery, TypeScript, Python, auto-scaling clusters, continuous deployment and machine learning? Do you want to release open source under your own name? Do you want a reason to (optionally) move to beautiful Vermont?

We are working on a product that has passed escape velocity and now we’re reaching for the stars—it’s a great time to join us, get engineer equity, and learn a ton with a very good group of people.

About your role

We’re looking for a curious, adventurous, empathetic polyglot to join us at Faraday as our first ecosystem engineer. This is our term for an engineer focused on building, using, and helping others use our SDK.

This role reports to the CTO. You will work closely with our engineering team while collaborating with the Product and Marketing teams.


Help make Faraday the Stripe of prediction.


  • Work with our lead engineer to complete Faraday’s SDK—the API server, its endpoints, authentication, embeddable components, etc.
  • Document the SDK to maximize usability
  • Write beautiful, ergonomic libraries for a wide range of languages so that developers can consume our API gracefully
  • Produce a series of open source “experiments” from scratch that use the Faraday SDK as reference implementations
  • Engage with other developers on StackOverflow, Quora, and elsewhere to help them use Faraday
  • Collaborate, pair, and chat with early adopters directly to help them along their way
  • Propose and pursue new ways to make Faraday the most developer-friendly prediction API around


  • Are developers getting engaged when they sign up?
  • Are they implementing and sticking around?
  • Does their usage go up over time?

About you

Your qualities

  • Initiative
  • Compassion
  • Active listening

You . . .

  • … strive for mastery (fewest moves) over expertise (fanciest moves).
  • … have moxie, taste, or discernment (pick one).
  • … are mindful of the work of countless women and men who have gotten us to where we are—Ada Lovelace, Alan Turing, John von Neumann, Grace Hopper, Dennis Ritchie, Don Chamberlin, Ray Boyce, Adele Goldberg, Vint Cerf, Radia Perlman, Linus Torvalds, Guido van Rossum, matz, Graydon Hoare, Daniel Bernstein, Sanjay Ghemawat, Jeff Dean.

Your qualifications

  • You have a Computer Science degree or equivalent experience—we know that years of coding can beat years of college
  • You write and communicate clearly, briefly, and precisely—a writing sample is appreciated but not required

If you don’t meet 100% of the skills and qualifications listed here, don’t rule yourself out! We want to hire people who are eager to learn, grow their skillset, and come into their role with enthusiasm. If you want to make your mark on a growing startup and think this job would make you excited to show up to work everyday, we encourage you to apply.

This position is either remote or based in Burlington, VT.


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