Digital Marketing Specialist


Type: Full Time

Education: No Ed Requirements

Experience: 3 - 5 Years is looking for a full-time Digital Marketing Specialist to help our clients crush their business goals with strategic SEO, Google Ads, and Facebook advertising campaigns.

Note: Being “good at social media” isn’t going to cut it here.


  • Conducting a new client kick-off call to understand their business, answer their questions, identify their goals, and know who they compete against.
  • Developing a strategic campaign strategy based on your client’s goals, market, and budget that will crush their goals and make them a raving fan of you and
  • Installing a GTM container with Google Analytics and a Facebook tracking pixel on the backend of a website.
  • Troubleshooting a client’s tracking event not firing. Everything looks good, but something is
  • Sleuthing out the very best keywords to bid on for a niche business with low search volume but highly targeted searches or vice versa.
  • Building out Google Ads campaigns manually using nothing but the Google Ads UI or Google Ads Editor following Google’s best practices around keywords, match types, bidding, ad copy, landing pages, and account structure.
  • Optimizing a Facebook ads campaign that was killing it for weeks but suddenly stopped performing with no clear reason why.
  • Digging into your client’s competition with SEM Rush to understand why they are ranking better than your client on Google so you can develop an effective SEO game plan to optimize your client’s site so they can eat their competitor’s rankings for lunch.
  • Preparing your client’s monthly performance reports in Google Data Studio so you can summarize the key takeaway’s they need to be aware of in “layman’s terms” so they can understand what’s going on with their digital marketing performance.
  • Leading monthly performance review calls with your clients, reviewing their reports and key takeaways with them.

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