Applications Engineer


Location: South Burlington

Type: Full Time

Education: No Ed Requirements

Experience: 1 - 2 Years

As an Applications Engineer at OnLogic, you live at the intersection of many stakeholders. No day is ever the same. You prioritize and execute simultaneous responsibilities autonomously, with the support of your team and management. On any given day, you may interact directly with customers, partners, vendors, and colleagues in Sales, Production (Manufacturing), Technical Support, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, and Product Management. Each of these stakeholders brings unique perspectives and have different technical and communication needs. You bring all of that together.

This is you:

You have enjoyed your prior work experience collaborating cross-functionally to solve highly technical customer challenges in the computer, electrical, or software engineering disciplines.

You enjoy using your analytical mindset and problem solving skills to identify system- and component-level root cause(s) to complex problems. You do this through hands-on debug, collaboration, and thorough engineering analysis.

You have practical experience integrating hardware and software and understand how they come together to create system-level solutions.

You have a working knowledge of computers, computer components, and current operating systems (primarily Windows and Ubuntu) and are comfortable debugging issues with each.

You exhibit a superior ability to prioritize concurrent tasks, manage your time, communicate project milestones, and execute to a plan.

You are organized, detail-oriented, have a strong sense of personal responsibility, and hold yourself and others accountable.

You have a proven ability to quickly and efficiently learn new processes and technologies.


Some of your responsibilities include…

Conduct testing and validation of new products for hardware, mechanical, and software compatibility.

Diagnose field failures to their root causes, identify potential improvements, and document your findings internally and externally, as appropriate.

Troubleshoot production issues (e.g. BOM errors, fitment problems, test failures) and own the subsequent determination of root cause and creation of corrective action(s) to prevent reoccurance.

Facilitate changes and customizations to BIOSes and own all required testing to ensure correct implementation.

Develop work instructions and QA procedures for new products by collaborating with respective stakeholders.

Engage customers and collaborate with Sales during the requirements gathering phase of a new opportunity.

Propose optimized solutions, based on your thorough requirements gathering with the customer and your deep application and portfolio knowledge.

Collaborate with Product Management and Procurement to identify and evaluate new computer hardware systems and configurations, components, and related products.

Drive continuous improvement to optimize processes and minimize waste, both within your team and across the compan

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