Agricultural Loan Assistant

Vermont Economic Development Authority VEDA

Location: Montpelier, VT

Type: Full Time

Education: No Ed Requirements

Experience: 1 - 2 Years

Working under the supervision of the Director of Agricultural Lending, and the direction of the Senior
Agricultural Loan Assistant at VEDA, provides administrative support and technical services. Generally, provides
support to loan officers, credit analysts, and the Director of Loan Resolution.

Essential Job Functions
• Process Applications
o Create new customer records and new loan records in Nortridge loan database.
o Log financials received with loan applications and update financial information in Nortridge; sort and
save entity/borrower information; and when applicable, forward financial information to FSA.
o Prepare Tracking Sheet.
o Run Credit Report; verify borrower information is confirmed by OFAC and log date into Nortridge.
o Run UCC search and identify collateral for each borrower (entity and individual). Request UCC
filings from State of Vermont for those filings not available on the internet. If appropriate run
Business Search to verify status and registration of business with State of Vermont. Save all

• Assist with Obtaining Loan Approvals and Follow-up Procedures
o Format write-ups and other business narratives, review for accuracy, remedy discrepancies with
Agricultural Loan Officer, finalize for Board Meeting/In-House Loan Approval.
o Loan approvals: log information into Nortridge, prepare Resolution, draft Commitment Letter (over
$50,000), prepare letter to FSA if concurrence required, add to SLA monthly memo.
o Other business approvals: create Nortridge records for increases or consolidations, prepare Amended
Commitment Letter or notification of approval letter to customer, prepare letter to FSA (if
applicable), add to OB monthly memo, and distribute copies.

• Administrative Functions and Miscellaneous Duties that May Be Required
o Maintain agricultural loan pipeline and take notes for Agricultural department (VACC) meetings.
o Word processing, copying, scanning, faxing, drafting correspondence/memos, respond to customer
inquiries, assist with mailings and backup for other Agricultural Loan Assistants.
o Ensure documents received are appropriately saved in document retention system.
o Process check/wire/ACH requests on Borrower’s Line of Credit after LO approval.

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